Red Velvet Trifle-Valentine’s Day Treat

This coming Saturday, Valentine’s Day will be upon us.  So I thought it would be a great time to make a dessert perfect for the holiday.  Red Velvet Trifle, a very yummy dessert that will be a great treat for the occasion.  It is a very simple dessert, and something that you could make before you head to a party, or before your significant other came over for a special Valentine’s Day Dinner.

1 Red Velvet Cake- you can use a store bought mix or this recipe is great
16 oz. Whipped Cream
1 package of instant pudding Cheesecake flavor
1 package of cream cheese
1/2 cup sugar
1 teaspoon of vanilla
White chocolate bar
Strawberries (for garnish)

1. Mix and bake red velvet cake
2. Let cake cool completely
3. Mix pudding per box directions, once set mix in 8 oz. of whipped cream
4. In a separate bowl, mix softened cream cheese with the other 8 oz. of whipped cream. Mix in sugar and vanilla.  Mix well.
5. Keep bowls in refrigerator until cake is ready.
6. Once the cake is cool, remove from pans and cut into small squares.
7. Place a layer of cake at bottom of bowl, then saved white chocolate on top of that, and then pudding mixture.
8. Place another layer of cake, and white chocolate, then a layer of cream cheese mixture.  Then another layer of cake and white chocolate.  Place the remaining pudding mixture on top.
9. Finish with shaved chocolate, and strawberries if desired.

Final Thoughts:
Next time I make this dessert there are a few things that I would change to make it a lower calorie, healthier dessert.  In the cake mix I would omit one egg to reduce the cake by 71 calories.  I would also use lite whipped cream instead of regular whipped cream to reduce recipe by 125 calories.  In the pudding mixture I would use almond milk in place of 1% milk to reduce the mixture by 80 calories.  In the cream cheese mixture, I would use neufchatel cheese instead of cream cheese.  That would reduce the recipe by 76 calories.  I would also use Splenda baking mix instead of sugar to reduce the recipe by an additional 339 calories.

In total, making these changes would lower the recipe by 691 calories.

Recipe For Low Calorie Version:
1 Red velvet cake (omit one egg)
16 oz Lite Whipped Cream
1 package instant pudding mix Cheesecake flavored
1 package Neufchatel cheese
1/2 cup Splenda Baking Blend granulated sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla
White Chocolate barStrawberries (for garnish)

I hope you enjoy this yummy recipe, if you have any ideas for future recipes please comment below.  Happy eating, and happy Valentine’s Day!


12 thoughts on “Red Velvet Trifle-Valentine’s Day Treat

  1. It’s impressive how much thought you put into making this dessert healthier than it originally was! Just like most people, I love dessert, but hate the guilt. I love little tips that make me feel a little better about having a little treat (even though I’ll probably just eat more of it because I’ll tell myself it’s healthy). That picture is making me crave real food, and not the same cafeteria stuff I have every day. 🙂


    • I am so glad that you liked the healthy spin on it. It is something that I am going to try to implement more into my blog, I am trying to eat healthier and get in better shape with my wedding coming up and so I thought it was a good way to start working on that. I did not try it the healthier way but I am going to. It is exciting to find new ways of doing things.


    • I am so glad that you liked the new and improved recipe. I wanted to give it a healthy spin. I love sweets but I hate feeling guilty, so this was a great way for me to make the food I love and make it realistic to eat and work off. I am so glad that you liked it. I love the feed back!


  2. I am also amazed how you took a dessert and made it healthy! But I do have to ask what exactly does red velvet cake taste like? I have always wanted to try it but have never actually had to the guts too! This looks absolutely delicious!


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